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Get ready to tie the knot and let's party like it's your wedding day! I started my wedding planning biz to help lovebirds with unique circumstances and bring my passion for design to life.


My own wedding planning journey while dealing with my dad's illness and putting together a fusion wedding with limited resources made me realize the need for an advocate who can handle multicultural aspects and make the impossible possible.

As a pro designer with a creative marketing background, I'm excited to bring your vision to life. I've been planning my own dream wedding since I was a wee one, so I know just how special your big day is.

I'm a multitasking ninja with top-notch leadership skills and an impeccable eye for detail. With my organizational prowess, all elements of the wedding planning process will be perfectly coordinated. And don't worry about a thing, I've got the top vendors on speed dial to execute the most luxurious weddings with ease.

I absolutely love working with people, and I'm committed to making your love story shine. So let's do this thing and create memories that'll last a lifetime!



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Our Values

Our expertise lies in our 8+ years of professional event planning, design, strategy, and business experience, which enables us to build unique wedding and event experiences for each of our clients.


We highly value our clients' ideas and curate personalized design strategies to bring their vision to life. We are versatile and always willing to try new things, considering new perspectives, and making our clients feel comfortable celebrating who they are.


Our communication is kind, assertive, thorough, and prompt, ensuring that we, your vendors, and your wedding party are always on the same page. We strive to build a personal connection and friendship with our clients, making their wedding or event planning journey a special and stress-free experience.







"I highly recommend NFE for their unmatched expertise, attention to detail, incredible design skills, clear communication, and personal connection with clients. They go above and beyond to ensure their clients have a stress-free and unforgettable experience, making them a top-notch wedding planning choice."


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  • Why should I hire a wedding planner?
    Planning your own wedding can be an exciting but daunting task. While some couples may feel confident taking on the responsibility, it's important to consider the value of investing in a wedding planner. As experts in the industry, wedding planners are more than just event coordinators. We are creative problem solvers, financial advisors, legal counselors, and design experts all rolled into one. With our vast vendor connections and inventory access, we can actually save you money in the long run. But it's not just about the financial benefits - we are also a safety net on your big day. With a detailed game plan, we can handle any last-minute hiccups and ensure everything runs smoothly. By taking care of all the nitty-gritty details, from vendor coordination to guest management, we allow you to switch off your phone and embrace every moment uninterrupted. And with couples citing not hiring a wedding planner as their #1 regret from their wedding experience, it's clear that investing in a planner is a wise decision that will pay off in the long run.
  • What is your pricing? I was hoping not to spend too much on planning.
    At Noorflower Events, we don't have a set pricing as we believe every event is unique and should be priced accordingly. We work with our clients to understand their needs, budget, and expectations to provide a personalized quote based on the market value and the resources required to deliver an exceptional experience. We understand that planning an event can be expensive, but we like to remind our clients that event planning and design is a practical investment. By working with an experienced event planner, you can actually save money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and taking advantage of their vendor connections and industry knowledge. It's important to consider the value that an event planner brings to the table, and not just the cost. Investing in a professional who can manage every detail of your event with no oversights will ultimately lead to a stress-free and successful event. That being said, our clients typically have a minimum budget of $75,000 and an average budget of $150,000. While we work in the luxury market, we are mindful of our clients' budgets and always strive to provide the best value for their investment.
  • My venue has a coordinator. Do I still need a planner?
    We absolutely love working with venue coordinators! While both a wedding planner and venue coordinator have the client's best interest in mind, their roles and responsibilities do differ. Your wedding planner will be with you every step of the way, from the beginning stages of creating your personalized event design, helping you find vendors, to developing a detailed timeline for your special day. They will have a deep understanding of your vision and needs and work diligently to ensure all of the unique and important details are executed perfectly. On the other hand, your venue coordinator will be more focused on ensuring that the venue itself is prepared and ready to go for your big day. They will be responsible for ensuring that all venue policies are being followed properly and everything is running smoothly to meet your wedding day needs. While both roles are important, having a dedicated wedding planner who understands your vision and has been with you every step of the way can make a huge difference in the success and execution of your wedding day. At Noorflower Events, we value the partnership with venue coordinators and work closely with them to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.
  • What types of personalities do you work best with?
    Our ideal clients are those who trust us as their consultative partners and value the expertise of a licensed professional in planning and design. We believe in authentic and unique experiences that reflect the individuality of our clients, rather than following traditional or cultural norms. It's important to understand that wedding planning is a process, not a race, and our clients who trust and enjoy the process while taking advantage of our resources have the best experience. We prioritize creating a strong connection with our clients and pride ourselves on being kind, respectful, clear, and open in our communication. If you're looking for a "personal assistant" rather than a strategic partner, we may not be the best fit for you. And if you have unrealistic expectations or refuse to heed our counsel, we may not be the best match. Overall, we work best with clients who share our values and are excited to collaborate with us to create their dream event.
  • Do you travel for events?
    Noorflower Events would be thrilled to travel for your event! We are more than happy to take care of all our travel arrangements, ensuring that you don't have to worry about a single detail. Our team will book all necessary arrangements and provide you with detailed invoices and online payment options for your convenience. We believe in transparency, which is why we only bill for the direct travel costs that we incur. For destinations beyond 4 hours driving time from Charlotte, we charge for round-trip flights to and from your wedding location. For destinations within about 4 hours driving time from Charlotte, we bill for mileage at the current rate. We also bill for our hotel stay from the night before your rehearsal through the morning after your wedding day, as well as any necessary car rental, cab, and car service expenses to get around your destination. We promise not to markup any costs, and you can trust that you will only be responsible for the actual expenses incurred. Our goal is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, so you can focus on enjoying your special day.
  • How do I sign up? What's the process like?
    The first step is to fill out our contact form on our website or send us an email with some basic information about your event, including the date, location, and estimated budget. From there, we'll schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your vision and needs, as well as our services and how we can best help you. During this consultation, we'll also provide you with a customized proposal and contract outlining the scope of our services and fees. Once you decide to move forward, we'll secure your date with a signed contract and retainer payment. After that, we'll dive into the planning process and start bringing your dream event to life! Throughout the planning process, we'll communicate regularly and provide you with updates and progress reports. On the day of your event, we'll be there to oversee everything and make sure every detail is executed flawlessly, allowing you to enjoy your special day stress-free. Afterward, we'll follow up to ensure that everything went smoothly and that you were completely satisfied with our services. We believe that each event is unique and deserves a customized approach. Our process is tailored to each client's specific needs, preferences, and budget, and we're committed to providing a personalized and exceptional experience from start to finish.
  • Do you only do weddings? What other types of events do you plan and design?
    We offer planning and design services for a wide range of events including but not limited to: Weddings Proposals Engagement Parties Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties Bridal Showers Baby Showers Birthday Parties Holiday Parties Graduation Parties Anniversary Parties Religious/Cultural Events Corporate Events "Glam" Picnics Romantic Date Nights/Weekends Girls Nights Out/Weekends If you have a specific event in mind that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are always open to new and unique event ideas and would love to hear from you.
  • Are you guys South Asian Wedding Decorators?
    We take pride in being designers and planners. We are not decorators. We believe in creating unique, personalized events that are tailored to our clients' specific needs and preferences. We do not hold inventory or provide staging services, but instead work with vendors to help our clients to curate and select the perfect decor and design elements for their event. We take a collaborative approach to event planning and design, working closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life in a way that reflects their style and personality. Our goal is to create an unforgettable event that is a true reflection of our clients' unique tastes and preferences. So, while we may not be South Asian wedding decorators, we are experts in event design and planning and are committed to providing exceptional service to all of our clients, regardless of their cultural background or event type.


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